Great Wealth

Women and the Great Wealth Transfer

How the Great Wealth management landscape is shifting towards women A great wealth transfer is coming, passed down from the baby boomer generation, and women may emerge as the biggest beneficiaries. Approximately $30 trillion in wealth is set to change hands in the next decade and women are poised to inherit a sizable share, according…

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personal finance

Best Personal Finance Courses

Get on top of your personal finance with expert instruction Personal finance is all about properly saving, spending, investing, and protecting your money so you can live your ambition of a good life. But personal finance isn’t taught in school, and managing your money can be difficult. It’s often forced upon us to learn personal…

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financial goals

How to Set Financial Goals for Your Future

Setting short-term, midterm, and long-term financial goals is an important step toward becoming financially secure. If you aren’t working toward anything specific, you’re likely to spend more than you should. You’ll then come up short when you need money for unexpected bills, not to mention when you want to retire. You might get stuck in…

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