6 Benefits of Starting a Business Blog

Business Blog

Only 10% of marketers don’t use content marketing as part of their overall marketing strategy. If you don’t have a business blog yet, you’re falling behind!

In fact, 60% of marketers also report content helps generate demands and leads. Another 81% say content is a core business strategy that boosts sales and brand awareness.

On the fence about blogging to promote your business? Read on to discover the top benefits of blogging for business sites.

After reading this guide, you can determine if blogging suits your company’s marketing strategy. Make an informed choice with this guide today!

1. Reach Ideal Customers

Nearly 75% of consumers get annoyed when website content fails to align with their interests. Another 52% will even switch brands to find a company that personalizes communications.

One of the benefits of blogging for business sites is its ability to help you reach ideal customers.

As part of your content marketing strategy, take the time to research your target audience. Determine what questions your customers are asking. Start gathering keyword research, too.

Your keyword research can help you create personalized content with your target audience in mind.

If you’re targeting more than one audience group, create distinct buyer personas. For example, you can segment customers based on:

 Location

 Gender

 Age

 Salary

 Pain points

 Interests

 Hobbies

 Buying behaviors

Each audience group will have its own distinct needs, concerns, and interests. You can create personalized content to appeal to those interests.

Adding personalized content to your business blog can help more consumers connect with your brand.

As they read your personalized posts, your customers will realize you understand them. They’ll appreciate that you treat them like a person, rather than like a number. Then, they might decide to trust your business with their problems.

Without business blogs, companies might struggle to communicate to their target audience. They could begin generating low-quality website traffic and leads instead.

2. Demonstrate Value and Expertise

As you start writing business blogs, make sure to demonstrate EAT. EAT stands for expertise, authority, and trustworthiness. You can establish EAT in your content by demonstrating your experience and expertise.

Demonstrating EAT can help consumers recognize the value only you can offer. Highlighting your distinct value proposition can set you apart from competitors.

Communicating your value and expertise could help position you as a thought leader in the industry. Becoming a thought leader could help you generate brand trust.

Once consumers recognize and trust you as a go-to resource, they might decide to shop from your business. Having a business blog will help you promote your business and experience in the industry.

You can cover a range of different topics to show consumers you’re well-versed in different areas within your niche, too.

Stuck trying to determine which topics to cover for your business blog? You can check out this tool to generate ideas with ease!

3. Boost Search Engine Rankings

If you’re looking for ways to promote your business online, start a blog!

About 70% of online activities begin on a search engine. In fact, over 50% of web traffic starts with an organic search. Search engine optimization (SEO) can help your blog content appear for searches relevant to your business.

You can optimize your content for search engines by using your keyword research. Then, you can place your target keyword in the:

 Page title


 Opening and closing paragraphs

 Body text

 An H1 header

 Meta description

 SEO title

 Image file name

 Image alt text

You don’t have to start developing an SEO strategy alone, though. Instead, consider working with an experienced SEO agency.

An SEO agency can help you find new ways to promote your business with blog content. They’ll help you rank higher on search engines like Google.

Higher rankings can help you experience additional benefits of blogging for business.

For example, your website will start to appear ahead of competitor websites. Consumers will see your brand first. Then, you can generate more brand awareness and recognition.

Higher rankings will help your business look like a credible resource in the industry, too.

Meanwhile, outsourcing your SEO strategy can help you save valuable time and money while you focus on customers.

4. Generate Fresh Leads

Creating fresh business blogs and using SEO will help you generate more website traffic as well. As you generate more traffic, people can learn more about your business. They can read your business blog to recognize your expertise, too.

At the end of your blog posts, you can add a strong, compelling call to action. For example, you can encourage customers to contact you through a form.

Then, you can start converting more visitors into leads and sales.

Since blogging is a cost-effective marketing strategy, generating leads through blog posts can boost your ROI, too.

5. Connect With and Engage Customers

As part of your blog strategy, make sure to create interactive content as well. Interactive posts include polls, quizzes, and calendars. More businesses are using VR and AR content to engage customers, too.

Interactive content will encourage visitors to remain on your site longer. Your dwell times will increase, which can boost your SEO rankings.

Polls and quizzes can even help you learn more about your customers. You can use the data you gather to write future business blogs. You can even determine what questions are currently on your customers’ minds.

6. Improve the Entire Marketing Strategy

Writing business blog posts can improve your overall digital marketing strategy.

For example, you can reformat blog posts into visual posts for social media. Then, you can save time on content creation.

You can also use a lead magnet, like an eBook full of multiple posts, to gain email subscribers. Then, you can nurture those leads with an email newsletter.

These strategies can help bring people back to your website in the future.

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Improve your entire digital marketing strategy this year! Consider starting a business blog to experience these amazing benefits. With fresh blog content, you can promote your business and attract new customers.

Start blogging with these tips today.

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