The Vampire Diaries Season 9: The Cast Weighs in on a Reboot

Vampire Diaries Season 9

Will The Vampire Diaries Season 9 at any point occur? Apologies, everybody. Be that as it may, it doesn’t appear to be logical. The Vampire Diaries finished in March 2017. From that point onward, fans have rewatched the series on Netflix. Also the show being on the real time feature has just expanded the fanbase. While the cast are generally vocally thankful with regards to the proceeded with adoration for the series, four of its stars have said they would rather not bring the show back. Also their thinking seems OK.

Will there be a ‘Vampire Diaries Season 9?

Reboots aplenty is the current topic of TV and motion pictures. Tattle Girl is authoritatively back, Dexter is returning, and individual vampire show True Blood is being rebooted too. It’s just regular The Vampire Diaries’ enormous fanbase would need The CW hit to return as well.

The show’s universe lives on in Legacies and in The Originals before that. What’s more now, maker Julie Plec is working with Sheriff Forbes entertainer Marguerite Macintyre on Vampire Academy for Peacock, despite the fact that it’s not narratively associated with Plec’s unique shows. After eight long, fruitful seasons, the cast has continued on to different things. It appears to be that regardless of whether a Vampire Diaries Season 9 were to occur, the first cast – Nina Dobrev, Ian Somerhalder, Paul Wesley, and Kat Graham – would have zero desire to be involved.

Kat Graham and Nina Dobrev ‘aren’t keen on’ a reboot of ‘The Vampire Diaries’

Graham said as much while talking with TMZ in June.

“I don’t think Nina and I are keen on that,” she said obviously. “In any case, I figure our companionship will be for eternity. I feel that is the fantasy.”

Graham added that she and Dobrev feel the show’s eight seasons were sufficient, the story is finished. In any case, the account of their long kinship actually proceeds, and she trusts fans track down euphoria in that. Graham said:

“I think assuming they realize that the stuff that they saw on screen and the kinship and the adoration that I have for her is genuine, then, at that point, I feel that is all individuals need to know. A few things end, isn’t that so? Seasons end, however fellowships will be until the end of time. She’s a truly extraordinary individual, and she’s truly amazing. What’s more she in every case truly had me covered on that show. Furthermore I really wanted a great deal of help now and again, so she truly was there for me in each part of that. She’s additionally inconceivably solid and truly had the rear of me and different ladies on that show.”

Dobrev told Andy Cohen in 2019 she was happy with how the show finished, suggesting she believes it’s smarter to let it be.

“I think the show had a fantastic, magnificent [ending] – for me it was incredible, on the grounds that I got to return and be a piece of the finale, bid farewell and give recognition to the characters,” she said. “Along these lines, I was truly content with it, without a doubt.”

The Vampire Diaries’ Season 9 wouldn’t appear to be legit, Ian Somerhalder and Paul Wesley say

Concerning the Salvatore siblings, Somerhalder and Wesley figure a Vampire Diaries Season 9 would demolish the show’s completion. The series finished with showing Damon and Elena in the hereafter subsequent to consuming quite a while on earth together as people. Elena rejoined with her family at the Gilbert house, and Damon and Stefan rejoined at the Salvatore house. The series finished with Damon saying, “Hi, sibling,” and the two sharing sincere embrace.

Wesley told the Watch With Us digital recording the show ran “excessively lengthy,” adding, “I think we had recounted to all the story that should have been told.” Somerhalder concurs. He told Cohen in 2021 that he’s not sure the way in which a season could practically occur.

Additionally, Somerhalder and Wesley battled about who might get to pass on in the series finale. Wesley won, giving Stefan a saint finishing and Damon the opportunity to carry on with a human existence with Elena. In any case, the entertainers needed the siblings to kick the bucket together.

“I recently felt that it was more wonderful for these two siblings to disappear, and afterward to allow these people to kind of resettle once more into their town,” Somerhalder told Access while advancing Brother’s Bond whiskey with Wesley. “Yet, I lost that fight.”

On the off chance that they were battling for their characters to kick the bucket, you all… a reboot won’t occur. We’ll continuously have Netflix!

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