Men Behind the Sun – A Review

Men Behind the Sun

Men Behind the Sun – A Review

Men Behind the Sun is a 1988 Hong Kong historical exploitation horror film. The film was directed by T. F. Mou and starred T. F. Wu and Jack Nicholson. The film was an unexpected success, and despite its low budget, it still managed to make its budget. It stars Jackie Chan and Vincent Cassel, and features a large cast. However, there are some problems with the film that make it unwatchable.

The film’s gore scenes are graphic, but this is what made it so horrifying. The bad special effects work used in Men Behind the Sun allowed the filmmakers to make these scenes look less realistic. Nevertheless, the raw nature of the footage allowed them to affect the viewer in ways that even the best films can’t. While there are some flaws in the film, it’s well worth a watch. Although the movie was based on a true story, the brutality was realistic and the audience felt a connection to the characters.

men behind the sun

The film is a provocative film, but it is also a truthful statement about the humanity of human beings. While the movie is meant to stir up emotions, it is not for everyone. The film was so well received that Mou followed up with another installment of the series. The third film, Black Sun: Nanking Massacre, retold another aspect of the Japanese occupation of China. Plans for a fourth Men Behind the Sun movie have been in the works for a few years now, but have not been completed yet.

The movie depicts the horrors of war and the Japanese officials’ cover up. The film is a very disturbing film and a true eye-opener. Not every war movie can be described as shocking. But Men Behind the Sun uses extreme techniques to make its points. This film is also unique in its subject matter, as it focuses on a time in history that is often forgotten. It’s an intense, harrowing account of a period in history that most people won’t likely ever know about.

The movie has a great plot, but it does have some problems as well. The plot of Men Behind the Sun is about a group of Japanese soldiers called Squadron 731. They carried out experiments on human beings to make biological weapons and other forms of war. This organization was responsible for torture and death of thousands of people. Unlike the Germans, they didn’t admit these crimes. This is a tragic movie that is important to watch.

Men Behind the Sun is a film that has a reputation as an exploitation movie. But that doesn’t make it a good movie. It’s an important historical event that is largely unknown to the average person. While the film doesn’t take place in the same time period as the actual Japanese occupied Japan, it does focus on a little known part of the war. The Japanese soldiers were apathetic and ruthless group.

Men Behind the Sun follows a group of Japanese conscripts who were forced to work in Unit 731, which was a facility that specialized in developing bacteriological weapons. A sadistic Surgeon General, Shiro Ishii, heads the organization. The Japanese government, despite having a history of terrorism, did not acknowledge these crimes. Fortunately, a lot of these atrocities were never exposed in the movie.

Although the film is based on real events, Men Behind the Sun provokes its audience to think about the Japanese’s actions. In addition to the exploitation, the film is a film that teaches about the history of Japanese imperialism. But it does more than teach. In fact, it may even be one of the best films of the year. A reviewer’s experience is a valuable source of information. The movie reviews the various movies that have been released.

In addition to its horrors, the film has also been accused of being a sensationalized film. Its plot is based on real events, and reveals the Japanese’s depravity. As a result, it has a reputation for being an exploitation movie. While some people may consider this a horror movie, it isn’t. The film is about a period in history that is little-known, and the Japanese were meticulous in their cover-up efforts.

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