Brooke Daniells: The Power of Purpose

Brooke Daniells

Why is it that some people have a lasting, meaningful effect on the world while others just fade away? Sure, anyone could argue that everyone has a purpose in life. But how do you find your purpose? How can you create something that will make a lasting impact on people? In this article, Brooke Daniells explains the importance of finding your own personal meaning and what steps you can take towards achieving it.

What is your personal meaning?

Brooke Daniells: We believe that everyone has a personal purpose. To find your purpose, you should analyze how you spend your time and how you find meaning in your daily activities. Your purpose is the reason why you got up in the morning, came home after work, and before you go to bed each night. Whether it’s going to a school event, helping a friend, or starting a small business, your purpose is an aspect of your life that you would like to continue to fulfill, no matter what happens.

To start to figure out your personal purpose, start by asking yourself a few questions. Questions like, “What do you love?” or “What do you get out of life?” can guide you to your purpose. Ask yourself these questions daily.

How to find your personal meaning

While everyone has a purpose in life, it is different for each person. Some people want to change the world, others want to change lives, and others want to help in their community. It might be a little bit difficult to pinpoint your purpose, but it’s not impossible. Start by thinking about the biggest, broadest, and most life-changing event that you can imagine happening to you. That’s the moment when everything changes for you, that’s when you find out who you are.

Steps to achieving your purpose

Ask yourself the following questions:

What are you passionate about?

What makes you different from everyone else?

What’s the best thing you can do for the world?

Ask people you trust about their own purpose. For example, you might ask your parents what their purpose is.

The importance of a meaningful purpose.

“What you do matters”

We often forget about the impact our actions can have on the world around us. And it is not until something horrible happens that we remember that even small choices can have a lasting impact.

This is exactly what happened to Brooke Daniells. She was in the middle of doing an interview when the Boston Marathon bombing occurred. The tragedy did not take away the importance of the interview she was about to do; it was a small moment of survival that defined her life.

Ms. Daniells was told about the bombing minutes before she went on air, yet her reaction allowed her to go on air to speak with the victims and families of the victims. That little moment of survival helped her find her own personal purpose and helped her develop a career where she could help others.


In short, the Power of Purpose should inspire us to consider our own personal path to giving back. Rather than sit back and watch our fellow man suffer, we should set out to make a difference in some way. For those who believe in the power of sharing stories, please pass on the link below to donate to the Red Cross.

As someone who has worked in nonprofits for over a decade, I’ve noticed that there is a distinct lack of balance in our society. People think that once their life ends they’ll become like Santa Claus, receiving presents every Christmas, but instead, they spend their lives working and donating to charities. I say shame on you.

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