The Best Ways to Wear Jordans: A Style Guide for Men


Jordans are sneakers made by Nike, named after their founder, Michael Jordan. These shoes are typically worn by or seen on basketball players. Jordans are generally considered to be the most expensive and iconic basketball shoes in the world. The shoes cost about $200 USD, but they can also go for up to $1,000 depending on the type of Jordan shoe that you buy.

Here are some tips on how to wear Jordans:

-They should be worn with matching clothes like a dress shirt and jeans or shorts

-Or with an outfit that matches the color of your Jordans. For example, if you have black Jordans, wear them with a dark colored jacket or anything in black


A Brief History of Jordans

The first pair of Jordan sneakers, the Air Jordans, was made by Nike in 1985, and the Air Jordan brand was introduced in 1987.

Initially, the Air Jordans shoes were made for players on the Chicago Bulls, the team Jordan played for. In 1987, Air Jordan 1, the first shoe in the Air Jordan line was released, which was followed by Air Jordan 3, the second shoe in the line in 1988.

During his three-year career with the Bulls, Jordan wore the Air Jordans shoes in 81 games, scoring 10,979 points, averaging 31.6 points per game. Jordan said that the shoe was one of his most prized possessions. However, Jordan did not win any championships with the Bulls.

What Makes Jordans Unique?

Most people that do not know anything about sneakers may wonder how they are different from other athletic shoes. They are mostly classified by the color of their tongue, but there are other elements that can also separate the Nike Jordans from other sports shoes like the cushioning or traction on the shoe.

The cushioning that makes your shoes comfortable is unique because it is a brand new technology created by Nike that has been patented.

This feature is unique because you can easily run and jump without getting any injuries from your feet. It also saves your feet from the shock from the contact of the ground with the outside of the shoes.

Because this technology is so unique, it could be worn by anybody whether you are a basketball player or a soccer player.

How to Wear the Shoe and the Dress Code

There are many styles of shoes for the dress code. For example, there are shoes like the Chelsea boots, the crocs, the gladiators and the casual. The Chelsea boots are very comfortable for wearing with slacks, dress pants or jeans. For comfort, these shoes come in different colors like brown, black, tan or light brown.

Another style that is very comfortable to wear are the Crocs. Crocs are known for their simplicity and comfortable shoes. They are good for wearing to school and they are comfortable even for having a picnic with your friends.

The gladiators are comfortable shoes to wear with jeans and dress pants. For example, the brown casual dress pants that you have can be paired with the black gladiator shoe.

Celebrity Style

Whilst Nike is known for manufacturing Jordans, they have also produced a lot of different styles of shoes including the Air Jordan XIII, Air Jordan XI, Nike Air Max and Nike Air Force One series.

Here are some tips on how to wear Jordans:

-A mixture of black and white Jordans

-Or just any pair of Jordans

-Or any of the styles that they have produced

Lifestyle Tips

Some people prefer to buy their shoes from high-end stores such as Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus and Saks Fifth Avenue. However, this is something that is heavily debated amongst celebrities and celebrities such as Kanye West.

Whilst Kanye West is not a high-end shoe seller, he still loves the quality of the shoes and likes the comfort they provide. He can be seen wearing various types of Jordans from different brands.

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