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Problogger Job Board

Problogger Job Board:Guest Post via Ross Hudgens of Billy.Com.

Making money as a contract content author isn’t easy. If you aren’t going for walks your very own weblog or internet site, turning content into coins may be a tough issue. But there’s possibility out there – you simply must attempt a bit tougher than normal to discover it.

One of the great places to appearance is the Problogger Job Board task board. Here, potential employers are seeking out human beings like you – writers serious approximately their craft, with a strong content material-creation skillset that regularly develops from reading a internet site like this.

Because of these ability employer’s excessive standards for Problogger Job Board readers, this gained’t be the type of reasonably-priced, outsourced content advent you’ll must scrap up pennies and quarters from – it’ll be real, properly-paid writing gigs with a number of the first-rate and biggest web sites and content material hubs at the internet.

Of direction, with better gigs come higher standards – so you, as a capability applicant, want to boost your resume and pay attention to the intimate info that’ll make your software pop.

How I Found a Content Writer on Problogger

My pal at every other agency currently created a posting for a content material writer on Problogger Job Board and instructed me approximately his fulfillment. As a Marketing Manager at a brand new corporation with many satisfactory content development needs, I determined to create a posting as properly.

Overall, I became as a substitute inspired with the first-rate of applicant, however what also bowled over me have been the obtrusive problems with the various resumes and cowl letters in my inbox. Similarly, I turned into equally inspired with some of the ways the better packages “stood out” in methods I wouldn’t have previously concept of.

Both of these revelations made me comprehend the necessity for this publish – on account that I recognise the plight of a job seeker who regularly wonders – “Why wasn’t I picked?”—I notion I should assist improve your application method in a few way, and also, the chances you get picked up as a content writer in your next utility go-spherical.

Common Application Mistakes Writers Make

1. They had 0 interest to detail. One of the classic ways to weed out automobile-candidates is with the aid of the use of a “use this” difficulty line. For instance, particularly requesting that the applicant consist of the job description as the difficulty. Amazingly, through which include this easy element in my job description, I robotically weeded out 15% of the candidates. Similarly, different packages could announce they were the use of a templated cowl letter because of the appearance of two distinctive fonts, or that that they had determined my application on Craigslist.

C’mon, really?

How can I probably rely upon you to complete a content material piece with genuine specs if you may’t do it for a simple, sincere application?

2. Their utility become too bland. Yes, employers are hiring you to your content writing capabilities, however when I get two hundred packages in my inbox for a role that isn’t full-time, it’d be a tremendous waste of effort to scroll through six hundred content material pieces to discover the first-rate author. I, like maximum employers, have a sifting process that entails robotically disregarding many of these packages.

If your cowl letter turned into too brief or non-non-public, this implies a disinterest in the process. Although you may have been privy to enough to submit the “use this” issue line, you were additionally not with it enough to customise your software to look whatever exclusive than five million other comparable ones which have made their way into organisation’s inboxes.

Three. Their content material samples had been now not unique to the software. Although you may be a outstanding author, I might want to be extremely impressed with your earlier records to pick out you if you had no longer written about the challenge I became requesting. Again, via brushing off many of those applications that don’t have a specificity, potential employers keep a variety of the trouble, and to be blunt, being a “terrific writer” does now not imply which you are reduce out to put in writing about inexperienced technology, style, or marine biology. Sorry.

When organizations come to Problogger Job Board seeking to rent, it’s now not due to the fact they want to find a well-known person who can pump out articles approximately some thing – they want know-how in an area. The cheap, bland type of content creation may be discovered somewhere else.

If you’re certainly interested by a position that creates content material green era, write a sample article about it for submission. That’s the handiest manner you’re going to get hired except you’ve were given a stacked records of making viral, first rate content.

4. They only connected to their own weblog. You might be capable of write well about belongings you care approximately, however are you professional sufficient to suppose out of doors the container and also meet the specs of a positive activity description? By linking to just your blog, you’re telling me you don’t have experience writing in line with other’s specs. It’s brilliant that you’re a great author, however there’s more to the task description than that. Ability to comply with instructions, interest to element, and domain understanding are all things which can placed a median writer some distance above an awesome one.

Five. They lacked attempt. Some people simply flat out didn’t try, soliciting for price data, extra activity information and and so forth. Earlier than imparting additional information. Don’t waste it slow making these forms of pitches! Employers ought to pay $50 to get on the task board, and they do it for a cause – there is a wealth of excellent capacity writers that examine the website online. By making this type of inquiry, you are not only losing the corporation’s time, you’re losing your very own.

In this way, programs work just like the under graph. At a positive attempt degree, the probabilities of being employed are as a substitute low, no longer due to the fact you’re a horrific author – however due to the fact each person makes that level of effort. Once you’ve hit an imaginary line – someplace among 10-20 mins of attempt when applying, your probabilities soar dramatically. Before that, each second delivered does little to improve your chances.

How to Make Your Application Stand Out

Beyond the failures within the software procedure, there are also masses of application “pluses” I stumbled into that made me forestall and say “let’s speak”. Getting an interview among two hundred applicants is greater than just no longer being bad – it’s approximately being virtually, clearly excellent too.

1. Create a Customized, PDFed Resume. As a contract writer, there’s a great chance you’re going to be applying for masses of these positions. As such, if making use of is something you’re constantly doing, you ought to take steps toward investing in this method – and meaning developing an outstanding, aesthetically desirable resume. One applicant sent me a PDF with their work records, a professional photograph, and content material examples, multi functional aesthetically fascinating bundle. I become immensely inspired with the time and effort they positioned into this bundle, even though it wasn’t custom designed directly for me. Showing an immaculate wellknown for pleasant and excellent presentation is something I want to see pondered in writing, too.

2. Be Creative with the Cover Letter. You’re a content author, proper? This shouldn’t be too hard. If your establishing line says “I noticed your BLAND JOB role at BUSINESS posted at X and I became extraordinarily inspired”, you’re telling me that sure, you do care enough to alternate the ones custom fields in your template, however you’re additionally telling me that no, you don’t care sufficient to try any harder.

If you know the corporation, find some thrilling element approximately it and open with it. If you’re fortunate sufficient to recognize the call of the character you’re making use of to, you could go even similarly to pique their interest. Not best will you likely stroke the ego, you’ll additionally show you possess the creativity and wherewithal to create best content material.

3. Have content material unique to the software. This is straightforward, however the extra focused the content material is on what the task description asks for, the much more likely you are to be significantly considered. The higher this content material is, the more likely you are to get picked up.

Four. Tagging your utility electronic mail as “High Importance”. This is a minor detail however I observed myself establishing those e-mails first, and any time you get seen first in a batch of two hundred e-mails, that’s an amazing issue. This feature doesn’t work in Gmail, however there’s an amazing danger you’re sending your utility to a commercial enterprise deal with – so there’s a excessive possibility they’re the use of Outlook.

5. Be a great writer – everywhere. Again, a as a substitute sincere issue, however I wouldn’t be able to sleep at night now not citing it. Every piece of text in a content material writer’s application is important, so make certain each little bit of it’s miles a right away mirrored image of your capability to create great content.

If you could’t properly layout paragraphs within the cover letter, you’re no longer getting hired. If your punctuation is shoddy, you’re no longer getting hired. If your presentation is subpar, you’re no longer getting employed. You’re a notable creator – why not be one all the time?

Get Applying!

Now that you realize how to get hired, get to the job board, test out those task descriptions and start making use of! If you’ve got every other testimonies, hints, or tips on a way to get hired as a content creator, please proportion them in the comments!

Ross Hudgens is a Marketing Manager at Billy.Com. He additionally blogs over at his personal internet site, Authentic Marketing. You need to follow him on Twitter here.

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